Warbleton & District Horticultural and Poultry Society (WDHPS) is a small, local, community organisation based in the village of Rushlake Green, Heathfield, East Sussex, we are more commonly known as the Rushlake Green Flower Show. It was established approximately ninety years ago to support and encourage an interest in horticultural and poultry activity whilst providing cheap sustainable food for families. We are affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and membership is open to anyone for a small annual fee of £5 which has multiple benefits – see the membership page.

The Society’s main activities are centred on two annual shows, local residents are encouraged to enter horticultural produce and handicrafts for judging – with some classes exclusive to juniors. Other smaller events take place throughout the year and are primarily focused on raising funds, interests and raising our profile. In recent years all activities have taken place either on the village green or in the local Dunn Memorial Hall.

The Society’s two main annual events are focused on competitive exhibits from members and the general public. A detailed schedule can be found on the Events page for each event, this will provide you with everything you need to know including the show rules, exhibit classes, award categories and entry forms.

We welcome advertising and sponsorship as these pay for our prize money and printing costs in order to keep our Show moving forward year on year.



Schedules will be available at RGVS and other selected outlets and also on the events page here soon.  In order to run the much loved show and the evening entertainment, we welcome sponsors and advertisers and of course the fabulous array of stalls.  If you would like to sponsor or advertise (we distribute around 800 schedules locally) please contact us – see the contacts page for emails and numbers.  

Thank you for your continued support.



On 21st March 2024, DEFRA changed the rules about registration as a keeper of less than 50 poultry and other captive birds from a voluntary to a compulsory basis. This takes place from 1st October 2024 and includes the following species:

  • chickens
  • turkeys
  • aviary birds
  • birds of prey
  • cassowaries
  • ducks
  • emus
  • geese
  • guinea fowls
  • kiwis
  • ostriches
  • partridges
  • pheasants
  • pigeons
  • psittacines (for example parrots, budgies and cockatiels)
  • quails
  • rheas

Unsurprisingly, they are overwhelmed with applications at the moment and will aim to respond to any new ones within 10 working days.

More information can be found at the following websites:


You can also register by email or post using the form ‘Register to be a keeper of less than 50 poultry or other captive birds (IRA82)’.










(Thanks to Jonathan Austin for the above photos)